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Why Us?

I’ve always felt that Greeting cards are much underrated and are always a last minute buy when you’ve forgotten to buy someone a real present. And the process of going into a shop and selecting a card is not that great either, because you have limited choice and you’ve got no other option but to work with what is available. I, personally, am not okay with this for a few reasons the most important one being that I don’t have the freedom to say anything in the card except writing “Dear Friend’s name” and “Love (or Best Wishes) Nikita” inside the card, and maybe something on the envelope. That’s it.

I have no say in what the card looks like or what it says on the inside. Sometimes, it’s too sentimental, or too funny or just not you! And I wished there was something I could do, because I could come up with lines better than the cheesy ones already printed on the card, or maybe I didn’t want a poem inside and there was really something I wanted to say to my friend that I wished was printed on the card.

Greeting cards are an expression of emotions, and it is very important that they convey exactly what you want to tell the other person. In such a case, it is very rare that you may find a card that says what you want it to say in every way possible - in the way the card appears, in terms of the words, in terms of how it represents you and your relationship with the person receiving the card.

Handmade cards solve all those problems because they can be made to suit your requirements exactly and that's when we come into the picture!!! We make personalised, hand-made cards that can be customised completely! So you can get a card exactly the way you want!

You want the card to be red instead of purple? Done! You want your picture on the card? Done! Anything you want (almost :P) can be done! Isn't that great? :)

And even if the mass produced cards can give you exactly what you want, handmade cards have a certain charm that machine made cards cannot even compete with. So why not try something that is absolutely 'unique' and 'not available in every other franchise of the shop'? :)