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The Card Shop started as an extension of Nikita’s crazed hobby of making handmade greeting cards. It is an outcome of her love for handmade gifts, crafting and her crazy habit of staying up too late playing with paper, ink, stamps, scissors and the computer. It was also because she thinks it is so awesome to gift something that is made from scratch, completely personalised and has a little bit of her in it.

She’s been making cards since September 2010. It started as a hobby, a hobby that she took to the next level and then a zillion levels after that. Soon she started getting requests for Custom-made cards, and she launched her Card Shop in June 2012.

Here’s her story..
“It all started when I started to experiment with Quilling. During one of my outings to the mall, I casually strolled into the Hobby Ideas store with the intention of buying a Quilling kit, knowing what it was, but not remembering where I first heard it. I tried a few basic shapes following the instructions in the booklet and realised that not only did the final product look good, Quilling was fun!!

As time passed, I practiced diligently and got better with the shapes and the first card that I made was for my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary it was Quilled and it was beautiful.
Four months later I made a Valentine’s Day card for my special someone. But the turning point was the 25 cards I made for his 25th birthday – one for each year of his life from 25 important people in his life starting from his mom, then his dad, brother etc. Each card had a message from that person inside the card and was designed to depict the nature, likes or traits of the person or their relationship with him.

At that time the only tools I had were bought from Hobby Ideas. I was still trying my hand at Quilling so I tried to ensure that the cards were Quilled as far as possible. I also used a lot of scrapbooking embellishments and clay to adorn the cards. In the end, they turned out much better than I had expected them to.

Even though I had been making cards since I was a kid – using chart paper, sketch pens, paints & cotton (something that I now know is called Distressing) colourful post-its, sticks from a broom, wrapping paper, etc. - I realised after this that making cards was so much fun and the output was not that bad either.

A card I made in February 2009 - For my then friend, now husband ;)

(Left) a part of the card shown above | (Right)Card I made for my friend Poonam, in February 2008. 
Maybe with better tools, I could do better. So I did a lot of research online and learnt a lot from various blogs and YouTube videos. To put my research to some use, I decided that for one whole year I would make cards for birthdays and anniversaries of close friends and family members so that I could experiment with techniques and designs and make all the mistakes I wanted to. I did all of that and enjoyed every minute of it, even though I may have had to sacrifice sleep. But I started getting orders for handmade cards even before I officially opened shop. So I decided, why not? Since everyone I knew was expecting me to anyway. Therefore THIS exists. 
My first custom-order. So what if it was requested by my grandmother? :P

This is a project very close to my heart because not only do I love the process of making cards and the beauty of the handmade cards themselves, I also love the whole idea behind giving someone a gift that was specially designed for them.”
- Nikita Azad