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1,000+ Facebook Fans Giveaway: Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions for the 1,000+ Facebook Fans Giveaway

  1. Entries that do not follow all rules will be deleted without notice.
  2. Anyone can participate in the Giveaway. However, free shipping will be applicable only on addresses within India. For shipping outside India, the entire actual shipping cost will be borne by the winner.
  3. Winners will be announced on our Facebook Page in the first week of 2014.
  4. All winners must contact us individually in the manner specified in the winner announcement post, within 48 hours of the announcement to claim their prize. For the tagged friend combo prize, even if one winner fails to contact us, all three winners will forfeit their prize, and we will pick another winner(s). All the Rules/Terms & Conditions will be applicable for the re-drawn winners as well.
  5. Winners must communicate their alphabet/design/colour requirements within 4 working days of receiving our e-mail acknowledging their prize claim.
  6. Execution and completion of Winner Prizes may take between 45-60 days.
  7. The Validity of Discount Coupons will be 60 days from the date of issuing the Coupon Code. The Winner(s) must place their order(s) with 50% advance payment of their post-discount budget, within the abovementioned 60 days, to claim the discount. The delivery date of the order can be any date (even after the 60-day validity period) and will be treated as a confirmed order. Delivery dates will be confirmed depending on availability only.
  8. For Discount Coupons, the discount will be offered on value of services only. The cost of framing and shipping will be charged on actual basis.