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How to Pay

Please note, these options are valid for advance as well as final payment. A customer may choose to pay advance by one method and the balance by another depending upon his/her convenience.

Option 1: Cheque Deposit
If you'd prefer to pay by cheque and thus avoid travelling, please let us know about your preference in the order form and we will send an e-mail with our bank details.

Option 2: Fund Transfer
If you are comfortable with Net Banking and would prefer to transfer funds directly into our account, please let us know about your preference in the order form and we will send an e-mail with our bank details and IFSC code.

Option 3: Cash Payment
This option shall be available to selected customers only. If you are willing to pay by cash, please indicate so in your order form and we can discuss this.

1. The execution of the order shall commence only on receipt of the advance amount.
2. The balance amount is payable by you within 7 days from the date the order is shipped (if your preferred mode of delivery was courier) or on Delivery (if you chose to pick up the card.)
3. Any delay in payment over 7 days will attract a 50% penalty on the amount payable up to 15 days and 100% thereafter, and the cancellation of any discount or offers claimed on both occasions.
4. Non-Payment will result in a Customer Ban, wherein we will not accept any more orders from you until the balance due is cleared in full.