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Product CodeCQO-001
AvailabilityNot in stock
Card Dimensions7 1/2" X 5"
Cost as isRs. 250
Minimum Execution time as is1 day

Extent of Customisation possible:
  1. Quilled designs are completely customisable.
  2. Colour Scheme
  3. Vertical to Horizontal
  4. Size
  5. Switching the Upper and Lower halves of the card
  6. Position of the sentiment and other elements
  7. Colour of the ribbon
  8. Sentiment - “Happy Birthday” to anything else.
  9. Adding/Eliminating any element from the design
  10. Shape of the focal image(s)
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  1. Execution of cards, especially replicated designs and tweaked designs, shall depend upon availability of materials. The customer shall be informed of any shortage in stock before the order is confirmed.
  2. As all the products are handmade, creation of an exact replica may not be possible (especially for products with Quilled designs) and therefore, the actual design on the replicated card may slightly differ from the image displayed on the website.
  3. Courier/Postage charges shall be in addition to the cost mentioned above.

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